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Cloth baby wipes


A few weeks ago I was out shopping for fabric with my chum Sara. We found there was a great sale on remnants (among many other things), and I scored some great flannelette remnants in gender-neutral patterns!  Sara suggested they’d be great for cloth wipes, which basically meant she was reading my mind since I had been meaning to sew up some wipes for some time!  So yesterday I was off to the races. They were so straightforward, I feel almost silly posting a “tutorial”, but here it is (after the jump).

Step 1.  Cut 8.5″ by 8.5″ squares of flannette in even numbers.

Step 2.  Pin two pieces of flannelette wrong sides together and serge around all four edges. (Eyeball approximately a 1/4″ seam allowance.)

Step 3.  Dab Fray Check on each corner and let dry approximately 15-20 minutes. Trim off the excess serged thread, and you’re done!

Step 4. Admire!

If you have an old pop-up wet wipe container around, you can fold them up according to The Feminist Breeder’s instructions, put them in there, and soak ’em in homemade wipe solution so you can use them as you would the disposable kind.  So convenient!

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14 thoughts on “Cloth baby wipes

  1. When I get to the baby stage, I am SO checking back to your site for all these tutorials and ideas!

  2. Woohoo! My suggestion came to fruition!! My stash of fabric is still untouched, unfortunately.

  3. OK, a dumb question for anyone who knows about sewing, but for me.. I’ve hemmed things once or twice.
    So, how would one go about making these little cuties without having a serger? Gah, now I want a serger! But I’m pretty far from needing one just yet.

    • You would just sew two squares together, right sides facing — and you would leave a small opening, then turn the wipe right side out through that opening. Then you’d topstitch all the way around, which would sew the opening shut at the same time. Totally doable!

  4. no more “reply”ing to your comment. I guess it gets too cut off.. so about the bias tool, yes, a hand-held metal guide is all you really need! There are so many amazing things for just about any hobby, where it’s like “omg, wouldn’t that be handy! But I’ll only get one if it’s for sale used somewhere, or I somehow manage to win it.”

    • It just won’t display properly after a while so it has to be limited. 🙂

      And yeah, it would be awesome to have unlimited funds to buy all the gizmos around, but it’s a good idea to wait, buy used, or see if you can do without somehow… it can be so expensive. I’m only gonna buy the things that I know I will definitely use, over and over again — things that will sort of pay for themselves in the long run, I think.

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