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Sewing machine cover


(Happy 100th post to me!)

In what seemed a strangely recursive experiment, I used my sewing machine today to sew something for my sewing machine. I made it a cover, in fact!  Following the tutorial from Sparkle Power that I’d been eyeing for months, I used up some of the black and yellow paisley fabric that was left over from making my shoulder/hobo bag.

Being a big rectangle and all, this little cover was pretty easy to sew up.  I spent a crafty afternoon sitting on the floor, cutting and ironing, while listening to my favourite podcasts.  Good way to spend the day.

This is what it looks like untied and flattened.

A couple other angles, for good measure. And because I got a bit shutter-happy.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!  And thankfully I think my hobo bag and sewing machine cover will be easily able to avoid the fashion faux-pas of showing up to a social event wearing the same thing.  They don’t usually go to the same parties, anyway.

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6 thoughts on “Sewing machine cover

  1. Love it! Every sewing machine needs a pretty cover!

  2. I should make a cover for mine, it’s all dusty, lol. Or use it more, hmmm. Still needs a cover though!

  3. I featured your idea on my blog today!


    Thanks for linking up!


  4. I love this!! You did a great job!

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