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Thrift store score


I had a hankering today to peruse my local thrift store (thankfully, or perhaps dangerously, it is literally nextdoor to my building).  I was thinking about searching through all the sheets to find some nice fabrics worth salvaging.  And I found three!  I also found what appeared to me to be the mother load of bias tape, among other sewing notions.  Here’s all the stuff I got:

All the notions I scored (plus one skein of yarn)!  So much bias tape… some of it still in its original packaging! Awesome.

The three great patterns I found among the sheets.  I also got a white sheet to cut up and make bias tape with, but plain white isn’t really worth photographing…

I gotta say, I’m feeling pretty thrifty, admiring my stash of goodies. I spent under $25 for all this (and the four sheets alone were about $13 of that)!  Can’t wait to see what comes of it all!

5 thoughts on “Thrift store score

  1. well done!!! don’t you just love thrift shops!

  2. I heart a good deal so hard. As a sewing no0b, I am curious: tell me more about bias tape…

    • It’s a strip of fabric cut ‘on the bias’ — so diagonally with respect to the grain of the fabric, which makes it stretchy. So it’s used to stabilize curves and corners, since it can stretch without puckering. It’s usually pre-ironed and sold with a single fold (both of the raw edges ironed in towards the centre) or double-fold (raw edges ironed in, then a crease in the centre as well). So it’s good for wrapping around the edge of a fabric, and can be a nice decorative border for things like blankets and hems, too. 🙂

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