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Things I covet: Revamped serving tray


Christie at Lemon Squeezy Home had her sister, Rachelle, do this fabulous guest post tutorial showing how she revamped an ugly old wooden serving tray!  I love the bright colours and the modern look to the trees she designed.  So simple and elegant!

The tray before (left) and after (right)!

Check out the details on how to modge podge your way to new and wonderful home accessories like this one!

6 thoughts on “Things I covet: Revamped serving tray

  1. you know, usually i’m right on board with your little items of convetation, but i gotta say, not on this one… haha 😀 my initial reaction (without reading, just looking at the pictures) was “omg someone totally ruined that beautiful old tray!”

    oh art, you’re so subjective…

  2. I like it!
    I’ve been seeing a lot of revamped serving trays on the blogs, and I covet them all!

  3. Ryan’s mom made me a tray that she painted black and podged vintage ads on them. I’m sure Ryan has served you water on it many times. It’s one of my favourite things!

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