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Bias tape!


I picked up a couple of remnants (sweet, sweet remnants) the other day when I popped into my local fabric store, and here’s what I did with one of them!  I made my own bias tape!  Check me out!

Single fold bias tape AND double fold bias tape!

I followed the directions from Prudent Baby on how to do this, and it was actually pretty easy (albeit a bit time consuming). The trickiest part was lining up the strips to pin and sew the ends together. Then came the ironing!  For the single fold bias tape, I used this handy bias tape making tool that I picked up for about $6.  It made it really easy to fold the edges in while ironing them down.  For the double fold bias tape, since I didn’t have the same tool for making wider tape — which I would have had to use for folding the edges towards the middle prior to doing the second (centre) fold — I did the folding manually.

Both types of bias tape are 1/2″ wide.

I am planning on using the double fold tape to edge a baby blanket soon. One of the other remnants I picked up was some sweet flannelette in a flower pattern that has royal blue accents, so I think the two fabrics will look great together!

3 thoughts on “Bias tape!

  1. Great idea to make your own bias tape. I’ve thought about making my own for a while now, but haven’t tried it yet…. It would be handy, since I use bias tape all the time.

    • Yeah it’s been a recent obsession of mine (have found lots of it in thrift stores and just keep grabbing whatever I can get my hands on on the cheap). So it was fun making a whole whack of it! You should definitely give it a try 🙂 And definitely do so if you have a fun or interesting fabric to do it with… mine was pretty boring (basic blue) but still a good experience.

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