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Zipper rosettes


I was feeling down in the dumps today, so I went to the fabric store for a self-pity shop. I came home with quite a lot, actually, and only spent about $35.  It cheered me up pretty well.  One of the things I grabbed was a small bag of various notions for 50 cents, among which was a long zipper with no pulley. I had been eyeing zippered flowers for some time now and decided to give them a try.  With general guidance from Quirky & Co., I found them to be pretty darn easy!  I used my glue gun instead of stitching them together, mostly for convenience (and evidently I had a hankering for a hot glue burn or two, which I certainly got). Anyway, here they are!

I think I’ll grab a couple of brooch pins to attach these to, as they seem a bit heavy for any kind of hair accessory I can think of. For those who are curious, I glued the feathers onto the back of the rosette, then also glued on a circle of white felt to cover the mess (the backs looked pretty grim otherwise). So I will attach the pins to the felt circle when I get them.

3 thoughts on “Zipper rosettes

  1. So pretty! I’m glad you were able to be cheered up.

  2. Super neat city!
    Those would look really cute on the chesty-shoulder area of a top. Or on a bag. Or…anywhere!

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