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Baby blanket edged with bias tape


Photographing a blanket is more challenging than you’d think.

Remember that bias tape I made all by myself?  Here’s what I used it for!  I made a double-sided baby blanket out of two coordinating pieces of flannelette, and edged all the way around with the double-folded bias tape. It was an adventure, as it was my first time applying bias tape to the edge of something that has no wrong side (because both sides may be used as the ‘right’ side).  It wasn’t particularly tough to do, thankfully.  And it turned out great!  (In case anyone was curious, this blanket measures 35″ square.)

Thankfully, helpful husbands can hold them up for you if you don’t have any kind of clothesline around…

Pretty boring when held/laid flat, though — and shows off all the wrinkles, dang it.

How about a close-up?  The prewashed fabric looks a bit… washed.

Folded up? Probably the most aesthetically pleasing…

The other day I grabbed a remnant of red flannelette and — totally without realizing it — grabbed this same exact flower pattern in a black and red colourway to go with it.  What what?  I also got a bit of plain black cotton I will probably make some black bias tape with, so I can make the same blanket again in a different colour scheme.  Stay tuned!  Maybe I’ll think up some new creative way of photographing the next one.  Anyone have tips?

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4 thoughts on “Baby blanket edged with bias tape

  1. Nice! It looks beautiful and ready to snuggle!

  2. I think you’re cute with your photo-styling experiments. I just did an etsy search for “blanket” – maybe you could get some ideas from there? Though, they were all more-or-less styled the same ways you did above – but yours is the nicest 😉

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