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The smallest baby booties in the world


Well, I’ve finished my first project from the glorious stash that was given to me for my bridal shower!  I was going for a nice quick project after knitting two sweaters that seemed to take forever, and this was such a great way to satisfy that urge!  Each of these booties knit up in just a couple of hours, really.  Which might be because they are (surely) the SMALLEST BOOTIES EVAR.  They are newborn size, and they are just ridiculously tiny.  Tinier even than the tiniest baby foot I can imagine.  I am thinking they might be the kind that fit for approximately 20 minutes after birth and never again.  But you know what?  Don’t care.  Too cute to care.

Pattern (Saartje’s Bootees – pdf) by Saartje Knits.

The nice part about a project this small is that I could easily make another pair from the same skein. I think I’ll do the bigger size next time, though. And follow this wise gal’s modifications to make the button loop a bit easier and more substantial… Man, the internet is so useful!

5 thoughts on “The smallest baby booties in the world

  1. You’re right, those are way too cute!

  2. I was going to ask for reference but realized you had placed them on a coaster which means THOSE ARE SOME TINY SHOES!! SOOO CUTE 🙂

    Great job Jana, glad that basket came in handy 🙂

  3. Oh so cute!! Maybe they’ll stretch a bit so that they’ll last longer as your baby grows!

    • I think so. It was funny though at craft night the other night, one lady saw them and said “are those, like… for a REAL baby?” because they are just so damn small. But yeah they’ll definitely stretch! 🙂

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