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Things I covet: Shirred summer skirt with deep pockets


I have a confession.  I just wanna shirr, everyone.  I’ve been meaning to try it for ages now and I even bought me some elastic thread with which to shirr.  Heck, even the word shirr is kinda awesome.

Don’t believe me that shirring (aka smocking) is awesome?  Have a look at Dana’s wonderful shirred summer skirt she posted about on her blog Made:

I just wanna make this so bad.

And I also wanna make this beautiful summer dress!  I also doodled my own shirred summer dress pattern the other day while I was waiting to meet someone in a coffee shop… Now, I have no experience translating doodle into pattern, but it seems like something of this nature (flowy sundress, I mean) would be relatively forgiving.

Rest assured something shirred is coming your way, o faithful readers!

2 thoughts on “Things I covet: Shirred summer skirt with deep pockets

  1. Very cute indeed. I hope it goes well for you!
    I really like and want to eventually try this dress: http://www.prudentbaby.com/2010/04/most-flattering-shirt-dress-diy.html

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