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Chunky grey cowl


I’d been working on this thick grey cowl for about a week off and on, and last night I finally finished it by sewing on the buttons. So let it be heard: I am now the proud owner of the WARMEST SCARF IN THE WORLD in the middle of July. At least I never pretended to have my priorities straight…

The pattern I used was the Asterisque Cowl/Shoulder Warmer pattern by Phydeaux Designs. The super bulky wool was definitely interesting to work with. It made the daisy stitch a bit challenging since you have to purl 3 together, not drop them off the needle, do a yarn over and then purl the same 3 together again… that’s a lot going on in one spot.  Add to that the fact that I’m a tight knitter anyway and was using needles that were one size too small, so it ended up being preeeeeetty tight. I’m serious, the thing is like a rug.  (I even had to buy different buttons from the ones I was given to use for this scarf since they didnt’ fit between the stitches!) It will be wonderful come winter, but until then it’s gonna have to live on a high shelf in my closet so as to not get munched by my wool-loving kitty.

… Isn’t it pretty, though?

2 thoughts on “Chunky grey cowl

  1. So pretty! That all sounds complicated. Great choice in buttons. They suit it so well!

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