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Learning the stamping ropes


My friend Shauna is an avid card maker, scrapbooker, and stamper. She is also a teacher. She recently decided to mush these two interests together and become a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator — basically this means she’s running workshops to demonstrate and promote stamping products and projects.  She decided to do her first workshop for an audience of close pals and family the other night, so a bunch of us went and made a card under her wise tutelage. Here’s the project we all made:

For those who may not really know the ins and outs of stamping (I didn’t), what we did was this:  We used a clear/sticky ink for the cupcake, candles, and ‘party hearty!’ message (all were stamps).  The ones stamped on the pink background cardstock we let dry, which darkened to form a sort of ‘shadow’ effect. For the stuff on the white foreground, we stamped in the same clear ink, but brushed various chalk colours over the different areas of each stamped design. The chalk clung to the ink and voilà!  For the ‘party hearty!’ message, we attached it to the card with little foam glue bits called ‘dimensionals’, which gave it a sort of 3D feel.  The rest was just cutting (done ahead of time by Shauna, which was nice), ripping, and gluing.  Easy as pie!

Shauna also demonstrated how to make a small box from decorative cardstock, and even showed us how heat embossing works!  It was neat to see all her cool stamping/papercrafting gear put to use, and all the various things you can do as a stamper!

Head on over to Shauna’s blog for a peek at more projects from the workshop!

2 thoughts on “Learning the stamping ropes

  1. Aww, what a nice shout out! Thanks, friend!

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