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Butterscotch and a button


I just finished knitting this adorable buttoned toddler hat (called “The Republic” hat, as the original, adult-sized design was inspired by a way overpriced Banana Republic item). I knit it with cotton yarn in a colourway called “butterscotch”, which is basically just a nice way of saying mustard.

I am loving the bright blue button my girlfriends picked out to go with it… it’s so… bright!

For anyone needing a quick project, I would definitely recommend this little hat. It only took me a few hours, tops, spread out over two days.  I’m not sure about using cotton, however, as the garter stitch band (the bottom ‘opening’) is quite loose.  Not sure if that’s the cotton or if that’s just me, but I suspect the fibre might be to blame!

5 thoughts on “Butterscotch and a button


  2. OH MAN!!!! That is so, so cute. So cute. I want it.

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