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Buttoned cowl for a pal


I almost didn’t post about this scarf, since I’ve made (and posted about) the exact same one already. In fact, my old chum Emily spotted the first one and requested that I knit her one. So here it is!

Although knitting a project for a second time affords you the opportunity for learning from whatever mistakes you made the first time (in this case, that was binding off way too tightly), I generally am not big on revisiting projects. The novelty just isn’t there the second time around, I guess!  Thankfully this was a very quick project to knit, so it wasn’t a tedious slog.  In fact, it was relatively pleasant!  But it did give me an opportunity to reflect on the fact that I don’t think I could ever craft en masse. Making 20 of something would give me a case of the bores!  What I like about crafting as a hobby (vs. a job) is that I can follow my whims.  When I finish one project, I can go do the next one that interests me.  Not repeat the one project 19 more times, with a deadline looming and my income riding on it.  Although part of me dreams of running a successful Etsy shop someday, I clearly have some pretty significant reservations about churning out product to sell.  If I ever did try to sell, I think it’d have to be one-off pieces rather than the more traditional route of accepting custom orders/selling several of the same thing. I really admire people who can do that!

3 thoughts on “Buttoned cowl for a pal

  1. I like your new banner!

  2. follow your crafting whims.. I like that 🙂

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