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Punky soakster?


… too much of a stretch?

It seems that each time I knit a soaker I try a new pattern. I think it’ll be great to have a variety of them to try out before deciding which one fits or works the best once there’s actually a daipered baby bum test driving each of them. My most recent soaker experiment was to knit the soaker pattern posted in the LiveJournal community punk_knitters (posted by user cyntergomes, aka Ms. Crafty Galore).  My friend Emma has made a whole bunch and they’ve worked out well for her and her little ones, so I gave one a whirl. Turned out great, and was quite enjoyable (and quick) to knit.

Most of this soaker is knit in the round, which I quite enjoy — especially for knitting in stockinette stitch, since you just knit forever and never have to do any of that pesky purling. I joined the crotch area (just below the lower blue band) using the kitchener stitch. I did it a bit too tight, as you can sort of see where it was done, but I think it’s sufficiently invisible for my liking.

I realize that all three of the soakers I’ve made have used this royal blue wool… I can’t seem to run out of it!  I have no idea how that’s possible. I think I only bought two skeins… AND I used it to knit the pixie hat, too!  Anyway, clearly I need to take a break from this colour.  The next soaker I knit I am CHANGING IT UP, guys.

5 thoughts on “Punky soakster?

  1. cute!
    So I’ve seen your other soakers, or at least one of them.. How do they work? Cloth diaper lining underneath, this on top to catch extra wetness.. then pants?

    • You’ve got the right idea. There are several types of cloth diapers, some with waterproof exteriors, some without (e.g., flats, prefolds, some fitted diapers too). The wool diaper covers are intended to go overtop of a diaper that does not have a waterproof exterior, as the wool can absorb an enormous amount of liquid before it feels wet to the touch — so it acts kind of like a waterproof exterior on its own, but separate from the diaper. And yes you could put pants overtop of one of these, or you could just let your baby hang out as is, with the nice diaper cover as part of its outfit… maybe add some baby leggings if it’s cold?

      These are also great because they don’t need to be washed frequently, even if they get urine on them. Just lay them in the sun, and the sunshine will both dry and ‘sanitize’ them, working with the natural antimicrobial properties of the wool. Wool is really neat stuff!

      • Interesting!
        Too bad that we have so little sun for half the year here.
        I like that they’re cute enough to wear on their own (no pants).. not that the cuteness really matters when it’s a baby running around. Comfort!

  2. maybe you just know baby #1 will be a boy?? 😉

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