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Baby shrug

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This is my fourth knitting project that comes from the wonderful gift of patterns and yarns given to me by my girlfriends for my bridal shower back in March. This time it’s a baby shrug!  Specifically, the pattern is called the Confection Baby Shrug, which was written by Tonya Wagner of the best-named knitting blog I’ve come across so far: TheShizKnit.

I knit a 12-month size (trying desperately to avoid making only sweet little newborn sizes, here) using a DK weight yarn. The pattern calls for worsted weight, and I’m a tight knitter, so it may be a bit on a smaller side.  Let’s assume it’ll be more like a 6-9 month size, maybe. Thankfully, this is the best part about knitting for babies that don’t yet exist — the clothes will eventually fit, I just can’t say when.

I think knitting this shrug led me to a troubling discovery. I think I have a wool allergy sensitivity! (a quick Google search reveals it’s probably a sensitivity, and probably related to the dust that lives in the wool.)  Uhhh, does anyone see the terrible tragedy here?  I’m a knitter who’s allergic to wool. I’m gonna go cry on the shoulder of my brother-in-law, the cedar carver with a severe allergy to… wait for it… cedar.

One thought on “Baby shrug

  1. Wool allergy? My condolences! Well, there is always alpaca! 🙂
    Great baby shrug, by the way. I love the simplicity of it. I just finished the very frilly whirligig shrug for my five year old. Love it. She is a frilly girl. Me? I like yours better. 🙂

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