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In progress: Manda Ruth baby sweater


Continuing on my mission to knit everything Jane Richmond has ever designed (I’m moooostly kidding), I’m now endeavouring to knit this adorable seed stitch baby sweater called Manda Ruth!

This is what I’ve got so far, friends:

I’m busy finishing up the raglan increases (so what you see here is the neck and yoke, with the mushed up bits being roughly in shoulder country. Make sense?). Seed stitch (that’s knit one, purl one, repeat forever) is sloooow going, but the look is lovely and smushy and soft, so I’m sticking it out.

I also think this is a great colour that could work for a boy or a girl, and would bring out those deep blue eyes babies have. Lovely!

3 thoughts on “In progress: Manda Ruth baby sweater

  1. I don’t think my baby will have deep blues 😉

  2. I thought all babies were born with blue eyes (sometimes very dark blue) at first, then they changed… maybe that’s an old wives’ tale, though?

    I just Googled it and can’t find a decently reliable source, but is sounds like most (if not all) babies are, then their eye colour changes within the first 6 mos/year when the pigment deposits itself/stabilizes! Neat!

  3. Mine were black and then lightened to brown, but the blue would look amazing with that too

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