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Work? What?


Blogging is hard. Or rather, remembering to blog is hard. Or even still, having the inspiration to both make something and blog about it is hard. It takes up a lot of free time!  Free time I suddenly have almost none of.  Why?  Well I done went and got myself a real grown-up job!  It’s true!  My job description no longer involves knitting all day while listening to podcasts (goodbye, old friends!), and now involves waking up early, making my lunches well in advance, and applying my brain and hands in completely different ways. Ways that are useful, but certainly do not result in me getting to parade little handmade baby clothes around and go “Squeeeee! I made this!” (To give you a hint, me and the computer are BFFs at work.)

Being suddenly thrust into the 9-5 was quite a shock to my system!  And my system is still getting a handle on what happened. And being that my system is still in shock mode, it has not allowed me to do any real crafting to speak of for the last couple of weeks. Yikes! I fear that my crafting will have to be on the back burner for a while. I won’t stop entirely, I will just be much slower to finish projects. This is sad in a way, but also good. I had a good stint of unemployment there, during which I made stuff at a record pace. Now that’s over, and I think this is a good opportunity to remind myself that I can’t do it all!  I have to give myself permission to feel totally fine about only getting to my knitting once a week on craft night, because I just can’t even muster the motivation to pick it up most days when I get home from work. That’s just the reality of working full time. As lovely as it can be to be involved and actively thinking/doing all day and making money and feeling productive, it takes up a lot of mental (and sometimes physical) energy.

When I first started blogging, I made a mental goal of blogging every other day — blogs that are rarely updated don’t generally get read, right? But then that shifted to every 3 days, every 4 days, every 5 days even… Now I’m looking at once a week as a reasonable goal. I don’t want this blog to fall right off my radar entirely, but I think more occasional crafting (and thus more occasional blogging) is just going to be my reality for the next while. I’ll try my best, but sometimes trying my best also means treating myself to an early bedtime or a nap or a laze on the couch.

3 thoughts on “Work? What?

  1. I’m having the same troubles…does Blogger let you post a post at a later time. I’m thinking of using the delay/queue tool more on my Tumblr. Hopefully it helps. Sigh. Life is so hard! 😉

    • I’m gonna look into that. But that’d also mean I’d have to have some content to slot in for a delayed post… meaning my weekends would have to get busy busy! 🙂

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