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Skinnified pants!

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So being that I’m now working five days a week in an office, I had to dust off my business casual wardrobe and see what’s what! Turns out most of my stuff is several years old and doesn’t fit anymore. Or if it fits, the style may not be exactly what I’d be going for these days. Case in point: my wide-leg dress pants. These were my favourite pair of work pants (they actually fit properly in the butt and didn’t stretch out and sag in an unflattering way) but they always kinda struck me as too billowy or too belled in the legs. The fabric is quite lightweight so when I walked the pant legs would just whip around my ankles and I thought it looked a bit funny.

So the other day, I decided to change ’em up!

Revamping existing clothes has always been a scary endeavour for me — I have been perpetually convinced that I would ruin whatever I was trying to work on, rendering a perfectly useful scraptacular. But I had to push past that fear and just bite the bullet on this one — and I think my pants turned out great!

What I did for these pants first was use a seam-ripper to unpick the bottom hem of each leg. I then basted new side seams and inseams on my machine (by using the longest stitch available) without cutting any of the fabric off, then tried them on and see how they fit with the adjustment. I ended up basting a second (skinnier) set of seams (still no cutting) after the first attempt was still too wide in the leg. I then made a couple more minor adjustments to the fit and marked a line down both seams with a generous line of pins, then serged down that line. It involved quite a bit of eyeballing, as I didn’t have a fabric pen or chalk that would show up on this fabric.

I did all these steps for one leg, then after serging off the excess, I used the cut-off pieces of fabric from the first leg to mark exactly where to serge the other leg, so they’d be even. Once I was done taking both legs in, I re-hemmed the bottom edges.

All in all, this was pretty easy. The only tricky part was deciding how much to cut off! That, and repeatedly climbing onto and off of the chair I put in the bathroom so I could see what they looked like in the mirror. 🙂

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