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Smushy baby sweater

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Is the sweater smushy or is it for a smushy baby?  The answer is both. (Because all babies are smushy.)

The pattern is Manda Ruth, yet another of Jane Richmond‘s adorable designs. The yarn, pattern, and buttons for this project were all part of my lovely bridal shower gift from my girlfriends, and I felt so lucky to have them all picked out for me in advance. It’s such a treat just being able to grab something and get going, rather than have to trek to the yarn store for supplies before you can eve get started. I’m big on instant gratification, so grab-and-go knitting is right up my alley. Once again, huge thanks to my girlfriends for this gift! It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

This pattern was very straightforward once I got past the couple of stumbling blocks I had… almost all of which were ‘duh’ moments so I won’t yap about them here. I knit the pattern almost entirely as written, but I did modify the buttonholes. I tried doing them as written but they looked a mess and were way too small for the buttons I had for this project. So instead of working 2 rows of ribbing, then making the buttonholes over 2 rows and working another 3 rows in the rib, here’s what I did:

  • Worked 3 rows in rib
  • Decided that each buttonhole would require 3 sts bound off for them to fit through
  • Did the math to figure out how to evenly space 5 of them along the button band
  • Worked 5x the one-row buttonhole outlined here: http://knittingonthenet.com/learn/bh5.htm, working the sts in between in the 2×2 rib
  • Worked another 3 rows in rib

Another reason I changed them up was that the buttonhole instructions as written just did not make sense to me. I could not get the math to work out. Maybe it was an I’m-being-dense-at-math thing, but honestly the numbers just did not add up to the number of sts I had on my needles. I farted around with the damn things forever before giving up and doing them the way I knew how (as I outlined above).

So, this little sweater turned out great! Can’t wait to see how it fits on a wee one. I’ve showed it to a few people so far and they’ve pretty unanimously made some noises that essentially sound like “squeeeee!”, so I’ll take that as a good sign that it’s pretty damn cute. 🙂

One thought on “Smushy baby sweater

  1. love it!!! adorable!!

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