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I’m so famous, guys.


I love CraftGossip.comI was featured yesterday in the stamping section of Craft Gossip!  I had no idea this even happened (my Google Reader says I’m upwards of 250 posts behind on my Craft Gossip feed… which, if any of you read CG regularly, you know that’s about… oh, a day or two’s worth?) until I started getting a bunch of (lovely) comments on my wedding tree guestbook post!  Jean from Quilted Cupcake even said she was gonna talk about featured my project in her crafty podcast! Oh em gee. Check it out:

Quilted Cupcake Podcast, Episode 38 – hear Jean’s description of my wedding tree project and general shout-out action at about 31:26!

I know this is probably very small beans for most of the way more accomplished craft bloggers out there, but it’s all kinds of cool for me!  Happy day!

4 thoughts on “I’m so famous, guys.

  1. no way jana, congrats! enjoy those beans, they’re not small 🙂 it’s great when our projects get recognized.

  2. So sorry I didn’t let you know sooner that I featured your project on the blog. Thanks for posting it in our Flickr group.


    Heather Holbrook
    stamping editor

  3. That is so exciting! I love it all 😉

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