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Stripey chapeau for charité

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At my job, a bunch of gals have gotten together and formed a Knit Club, which I obviously joined immediately. We decided that, what with the upcoming holiday (and chilly) season, we’d spend our time there knitting some items to be given away to a deserving charity (perhaps a low-income public school, a homeless shelter, etc). So I decided to knit up this little hat to donate. The pattern is the Rochefort Chapeau by the lovely and talented Whitney Van Nes at the Purl Bee.

I modified it slightly to be able to use the materials I had on hand. I used worsted instead of DK weight yarn, and used 4.5mm needles instead of 3.75. So that meant I had to modify the number of stitches (bigger needles + bigger yarn = fewer stitches to compensate). I ended up casting on 84 stitches instead of 112, but basically followed the pattern as written from then on. Okay, so the math didn’t work out exactly perfectly, but it was close enough.

Do you like the tassel? It was my first one, and I kinda ad-libbed it. Next up: a real pom-pom!  (Someday. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.)


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