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Fluffy toddler hat with a pom-pom

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Well, that didn’t take long.

Here’s my first ever pom-pom!  I followed a simple tutorial I found online and it was a breeze. I had to steal a piece of cardboard from work so I could make the pom-pom form (like two cardboard donuts)… because today at lunch was Knit Club!

The pattern is Oliver’s Earflaps, which is a free download on Ravelry. With this thick yarn (super bulky) and large needles (7 mm), this knit up in a freaking blink, guys. My girlfriends can attest — I cast on and was finished the body of the hat in just one lazy evening on a friend’s couch!

I think I’ll put this one towards the charity donation, too. Why not!  If I want one in the future, I will always be able to make another one in a flash!

One thought on “Fluffy toddler hat with a pom-pom

  1. Adorable! It looks so soft and warm. Love your first ever pom-pom.

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