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Felted dryer balls


Sick of using chemical fabric softener? I was. So I’d been using some plastic dryer balls from the dollar store to cut down on all the chemical nonsense. But then, being from the dollar store, one came apart. Also, they were made of hard plastic of unknown origin and were beating ruthlessly heated up while repeatedly contacting our clothes.  So, I had some wary feelings about them as it was. Then, totally by chance, I stumbled upon a tutorial over at Green Eyed Monster that showed how to make your own from  felted wool!  Hello, lovelies!

Now, the day I made these, the Green Eyed Monster tutorial was down for the weekend, so I had to hunt around for a similar tute. And I found this very informative one from GoodMama that did the trick.

Here’s what resulted:

Ain’t they nifty?  And they work like a hot damn, too, beating the wet clothes senseless as they dry, and keeping them soft. It’s great!

Such an easy thing to make, too. Instead of using 100% wool for the core and doing a first pass at felting the inside layer, I just used a bunch of ugly yarn I had on hand to make a base, then started wrapping the real wool overtop until all of the core was covered. Then I felted them inside the leg of an old pair of stockings (as the tutorials suggest) and the outside just contained the non-felted (presumably synthetic) core. I ran them through a hot wash twice and they’ve been in the dryer a few times now as well.  Success!

8 thoughts on “Felted dryer balls

  1. That’s the tutorial I used (the goodmama one). unfortunately I left my dryer balls at my mom’s house when we moved out. Where did you pick up the yarn for yours, and was it cheap? I really want some more especially for using on the diapers. We don’t use any fabric softener or anything these days.

    • I just had all the yarn on hand from previous projects. I think some of it was Galway and the rest was Patons Classic. So cheap, yes, as in I’d already paid for it. 🙂

      You should definitely make more! They’re easy! (I say this with the corollary of “don’t wear yourself out with crafts!”, of course!)

  2. Awesome!! Can you make me a couple if I pay for supplies and your time??

  3. Hey these are neat. I never knew what ‘felting’ meant until I read all about it and looked at the tutorial. Incidentally, I did look back at your featured craft which was evident on another site in November.. Congrats. It is a lovely wedding tree and it’s nice to see you got noticed/posted and/or pod cast? You must be famous in the craft world. Well, you’re famous to me. Yr Ma.

  4. I haven’t worked much with yarn, do the colors run? The color looks intact on your unrefreshed ones.

  5. Nope the colours have been fine. Yarn is usually pretty good about not bleeding dye, and the hot water used in the felting process probably sets the dye fairly well.

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