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Split-crotch baby pants


So remember a while back I was talking all about Elimination Communication (EC)? As a short refresher, EC involves giving your baby lots of opportunities to eliminate over the toilet (or other appropriate receptacle), and so clothing that gives quick access to the necessary anatomy for these practices is very useful. Enter split-crotch pants.

Well, I happened upon a relatively new pattern on Ravelry for some knit split-crotch longies and marveled at how they were basically exact replicas of the sewn patterns I had seen (and coveted, and had actually cut out and pinned but not yet sewn) before. And in fact, they were exactly the same kind of pattern I was planning on designing myself (since the only other knit split-crotch baby pants pattern I could find before this one popped up was basically a belt with some legs, not unlike chaps, which left a lot of the baby’s sensitive area completely exposed!). Anyhow, when I saw this new one, I was stoked.

And so I knit them. Here’s what resulted:

Front view

Back view (you can see a bit of a pull where the overlapping sections were joined, just underneath the short rows. I think that this will not be so visible when they’re worn, but that could just be wishful thinking.)

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. This is the first pair of pants I’ve knit from the bottom-up on double-pointed needles, and I noticed that the cast-on edge of the cuffs is a bit stretched out. Coincidence? I’ve never experienced a stretched-out cast-on edge before… and they tend to roll up a bit. I should probably attempt to block them to fix this (surely this is what blocking is for), but oh god I’m so LAZY when it comes to blocking!  Even though I know in my brains that you should always just frigging get on with it when it comes to blocking, because it’s worth it.

As for the colour choice here, I had some brown wool hanging around. The end. (Also, we have inherited a veritable crap-ton of girly clothing from a friend, so I am aiming to even out the balance with making some more boy-oriented baby things lately.)

8 thoughts on “Split-crotch baby pants

  1. For crotchless pants, they’re pretty classy!

  2. I would love to know if these pants opened fully for pottying, especially in the back. They are super cute and I love the brown.

    • Thanks!

      Unfortunately, my son gained weight so fast that he outgrew them before I got around to trying them out, so I can’t really answer your question! I have a friend who made a few for her daughter, though, and I asked her for feedback about fit. She didn’t mention any issues with them opening properly, but noted the stitches that made up the crossed over sections were a bit on the tight side. But that could well be an issue to do with her own personal knitting tension, so I’m not sure how helpful that is to know.

      Let me know if you figure it out 🙂

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  4. When I click on the pattern link, I see its a written pattern. Is there a pattern chart or more of a description I can use? I am fairly new to knitting and need more direction in making the pattern. Thank you for any feedback you provide!

    • It used to be downloadable from the Ravelry page but it looks like it’s been taken down or the website is no longer up. Sorry! I can email you the pattern pdf (I have it saved). 🙂

  5. Hi there, could you please please email me the pattern too? I see it is not available anymore. I have twins and am going to see if my MIL can knit them for me 🙂 Thank you

  6. Any chance i could get a copy of the pattern, too? I’ve tried emailing the designer, but she never responded. Thanks!

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