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Lacy and looped


Each year, our group of pals does a big old friend Christmas party and many of us choose to exchange gifts, Secret Santa style! This year, I drew (= was assigned by a super efficient email program our friend Nathan masterminded) my dear friend Anya’s name. As our gift theme this year was make, bake, or buy (because we’re all-inclusive like that), I decided to knit her a scarf. I had been wanting to knit the Wakefield Scarf for a while, and thought it would suit her well. So off I went!

Unfurled to show the diagonal lace pattern

Somewhere on my way to 60 inches (insert hand cramp here), I decided it might also make a nice infinity scarf (that is, a scarf that is essentially a big loop, with the two ends joined together). And I was right!  I was able to join the cast-on edge to the last row of the pattern I had knit using the three-needle bind-off, so the seam looked nice and consistent.

Three-needle bind-off: extreme close-up!

Anya seemed quite pleased with her new scarf friend, and was even a champ about posing as a model for my creation!  Hooray for great buds!

Anya’s happiness beam makes the world go ’round…

Merry belated Christmas and happy belated New Year, everyone! Here’s to a craftily productive 2011!

7 thoughts on “Lacy and looped

  1. Anya’s happiness beam definitely makes the world go ’round! 🙂 I thought everyone gave thoughtful gifts this year – yay!!

  2. I really love it!!
    I don’t love my chin-tilt-pose-gone-wrong though!!

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