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Easiest baby blanket ever


Today I found myself quietly contemplating my fabric stash. My fabric stash, which was stuffed as tightly as possible into a single shelf in the closet of our spare room, was frigging mighty! I must sew something and get rid of at least one piece, I thought. What’s fast? What’s easy as hell?  The answer: flannelette baby blanket.

An hour later, I had this:

Hard to tell, but the dimensions are more or less square

Close up of the fabric’s pattern

Easy edging

All I did was take two squares of this material, pinned them wrong sides together, serged 95% of the way around (I left an opening to turn it right side out), turned it, poked out the corners, ironed the edges, and top-stitched around in a coordinating thread. Easiest blanket ever!  And it’s nice and thick, being two layers of flannelette. Would be a good wintertime receiving blanket, I think.

5 thoughts on “Easiest baby blanket ever

  1. That last picture is confusing me! Did you make four, is this trixie folding?

    Looks cute and snugly!

    • Trixie folding it was! Actually I folded it sort of shittily and it happened to end up looking like that and I thought it would make a neat picture.

  2. that’s how i do mine 🙂 tho i skip the serger and just use the sewing machine

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