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A different kind of sprinkler system…


Have you heard of pee-pee teepees? If you’re a parent of a baby boy, you might have. To be honest, I’m not sure what to think of them. They are surely completely ridiculous. But at the same time… potentially useful? I have heard so many stories of parents getting sprayed with pee the moment they take off their little boy’s diaper. Something about exposure to the air triggers the baby to pee. I’m sure this occurs with baby girls as well, but a girl’s anatomy makes it less… unruly.

Basically, these little fabric cones serve as an easy, washable barrier to place over said unruly anatomy to catch what would otherwise be an airborne pee.

Being that I’m not one to pay money for anything I could make myself in under 4 hours with supplies I already have in the house, I decided I could surely make my own version of these. Aside from saving money, this saved me the shame of actually going to a store and meeting the eyes of a store employee when purchasing such a ridiculous product.

So, behold!  My own little pee-pee teep… ugh, you know, I just can’t call them that. Ashley from Make it and Love it (where I got the tutorial for these) calls them “Wee Wee Wigwams”, which really doesn’t do it for me either. What’s a less cringe-worthy name?

Parental protectors? Sprinkler stoppers? Hose hinderers? Okay, I think I sprained my alliteration muscle.

Any way you cut it, I now have 8 of these things waiting in the wings in case we have a boy. I expect they will be used once or twice then promptly forgotten in the chaos of diaper changes and making do with whatever is on hand, but I think in the off-chance they might actually be useful, it was worth making them. Plus, I got to use some of this cute-slash-godawful orange and blue fabric I picked up for cheapcheapcheap. Come to think of it, I guess it’s fitting that I have similar feelings about the product and the fabric I chose to make them from.

What do you think?  Ridiculous or useful?  Or some mutant combination of both?

5 thoughts on “A different kind of sprinkler system…

  1. *loudest laugh EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
    (then I had to explain ‘why’ to my two teen ‘me’n *giggle*)

    Years ago…

    I had two wee boys born less than two years apart (their sister was already 7 – near 8 and knew all about the baby fuss)

    They were forever peeing on the doctor when we went in – the slightest breath of air seemed to call it out of them! (*chuckles* more while remembering being so mortified as to want to die)

    I needed these things then LOL!

    Be well,

  2. yah, i remember with my brother only having him kinda pee at me once ever, and it never happened with my parents… so, i’d say one is maybe overkill, and eight? well, let’s hope your child likes to play cowboys and indians? or just indians? “indians”?

  3. Tee hee!
    Most of the boy parents I’ve known just used a washcloth or (because this was in the bad old days when I was babysitting) a spare cloth diaper (they were the rectangular ones – huge compared with today’s prefolds because they required a lot more, well, folding) – which also works if you have a girl…you don’t get the same fire hose spraying everywhere effect with girls, but apparently they can get some good distance…!

    Your safety cones are super cute, though, and even if you don’t end up using them as intended I bet they’d make great toys for the 8-12 month set – hide toys under them, stack them, and so on.

  4. ha! I love these! I place my vote for “sprinkler stopper” (but “hose hinderer” got a chuckle out of me!).

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