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Extreme crafting: Reproductive edition



Well, folks, it’s true!  I am having me a baby-friend. Well, my husband and I are both having us a baby-friend, but I’m primarily in charge of the cooking process, as it were.

Said baby is set to make an appearance in mid-July, and things have been going quite well with the pregnancy so far. I’ve been tired, had the odd bout of queasiness/”get that food away from me or I might barf,” but nothing really worthy of too much complaint. We had a listen to the fetus’ heartbeat at our last midwife appointment, which was pretty awesome (in the original definition of the term, not just, like, how socks and hotdogs are awesome). Now I am just waiting for the first flutters of movement, which I sometimes think I can feel when I’m laying really still and hallucinating as hard as I can, but nothing definitive has rolled or bumped or fluttered or kicked or fizzled in a special way… yet.

This is all very exciting!  Aside from the obvious, life-changing craziness of it all, now my overzealous and somewhat poorly prioritized baby knitting/crafting from the last year or so will be put to good use with a real life tiny human of our very own!  Also, stay tuned for more posts in the next few months showing off all the things I will be to making for this baby (when I’m not passing out on the couch at 7pm).  We won’t be finding out the baby’s gender, so I’ll be trying to keep things gender-neutral as much as possible.

Bring on the next 5 months!

4 thoughts on “Extreme crafting: Reproductive edition

  1. Aaah!!
    It’s so crazy to think only 5 more months to go!!! OMG!
    This’ll probably go by at a super-fast/super-slow rate. Slow for you guys maybe, fast for the rest of us!!

    • I know! That doesn’t sound much longer, does it?

      I think it’s been already going by slow-fast. Mostly fast though! I think working full time helps pass the weeks quickly.

  2. You will have to test knit the EC patterns I’ve been designing. 😉

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