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Things I covet: Trees on walls


So, we’re not really going out of our way to decorate our baby’s room. Reason number one being that our baby’s room is basically going to be our room for the first I-don’t-know-how-long, and we’d like to keep our guest room available for… well, guests (because everybody wants to stay in a house with a crying baby, right?). But if we were going to do something, I am really digging these wall murals and decals featuring trees and nature scenes:

Lovely tree mural by Le Chat en Carton

Birch trees by Michelle Hlubinka at Make:Projects

Maybe once the kiddo moves to our second room we’ll have the motivation to do it up real kid-like for him or her. I’d love to do some kind of wall decor (though we do have some art hung in there already so I don’t know if it’d be a full room deal). But for now, I’m enjoying just looking at the results of other people’s hard work!

2 thoughts on “Things I covet: Trees on walls

  1. Gorgeous!
    I especially love the first one, though it’s now showing up as an “overblog” text image.

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