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Baby moc-a-socs


This project was a labour of love. Or maybe it was love-hate?

The pattern was easy to follow*, the yarn was fine, and they were reasonably quick to knit up. The wrench in the works was courtesy of my pregnant brain(lessness), which caused me to miss a step and knit the outside cuff of the second bootie minus 3 rows (making it noticeably shorter than the other one’s cuff). Of course, I only noticed this after seaming the bootie together (thus losing any hope of backtracking) and had to spend an evening undoing all my seaming work, cutting off the bound-off edge and trying to reclaim rapidly-unraveling stitches and put them back on my 3mm needles.  I believe this calls for an oy vey!

Needless to say, some resentment towards the project built up in me during this awkward and painfully slow process. 10-year-old me would have said that me and these booties were in a fight. (10-year-old me was so sage.) So I put them aside and pretended they weren’t there for a while. This worked until my grown-up brain clicked in and reminded me that the salvaged bootie wasn’t going to finish itself, and that I should just suck it up and get on with it.  And I did. And they are finally done.

And here they are!  At last!

So now I breathe a sigh of relief and look optimistically into the future like an intrepid explorer surveying the land. What’s next?

*My only qualm is with the bind-off technique for the inside cuffs. It ended up taking forever and being really hard on my hands (because the stitch was awkward and I kept almost dropping my yarn and screwing it up). Plus the finished look of the bound-off edge is quite stretched out. While this very well may be a non-issue once a chubby baby ankle is in there, I think a simple sewn bind-off would have made for a much cleaner look and been way easier.

2 thoughts on “Baby moc-a-socs

  1. well it’s a darn good thing they’re cute and worth the frustration!

  2. Adorable!! Glad you finished ’em!

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