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Taking a gamble on a baby dress


We don’t know the gender of our baby yet (and won’t be finding out until The Big Day), but I was having a hankering to try my hand at the Oriental Lily dress, so I gave myself permission to do so. I was feeling like I’d been making very gender-neutral slash boyish stuff for a long time, so decided that it couldn’t hurt to even out my stash of hand-knits with at least one girly item. If we don’t have a girl this time, we might next time. Or I might give this as a gift to a pal who does have a little girl. No matter what happens, I’m sure it won’t be a wasted effort by any means. Plus, it was fun to knit!

So here it is! I knit it up with Diamond Luxury Collection Alpaca Mélange (the band is some red Sirdar Snuggly DK I had left over from Anya’s Wakefield scarf), which was a lovely birthday gift from my sister-in-law back in January. It’s hard to see in this picture, but the blue yarn does have some red fibres in it, hence my choice of using a red contrast band.

I knit most of this at my sister-in-law’s craft night and at my lunchtime knit club at work. But a nice highlight was working on the first sleeve while my husband and I were on our much belated honeymoon last weekend — we went to a rustic and secluded cabin resort not too far out of town, where we had no internet, no TV, and no cell access. We did have a nice wood-burning fireplace, though, so we spent a good amount of time sitting in front of the fire reading and relaxing. Perfect knitting opportunity for me! So I will always remember knitting this little wee dress in the lovely (and sleepy) comfort of our honeymoon zen space.

7 thoughts on “Taking a gamble on a baby dress

  1. This is precious, Jana. I especially love the red strip.

  2. Cute!

    I’m glad you guys got to have your honeymoon. Where did you end up going?

  3. Also, I think that could be a unisex homage to Star Wars if you had a boy 🙂

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