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Hilarious misadventures in sewing random stuff from the internet

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Front of the “dress” (aka belly shirt?)

So, a long time ago I bookmarked this cute little reversible “nakey baby” dress from over at The Blueberry Moon, not realizing that it was intended for the doll that was modeling the finished product! Oh dear me. Well the other day I felt compelled to make a couple of them finally, and as I cut out my teeny tiny pattern, my suspicions began to grow… surely this was going to be too small for a full-term baby. But I carried on anyhow. I’m not sure why. It looked like it might work as a tiny newborn smock shirt, so perhaps it could be useful for a wee baby after all? I’m probably deluding myself, but dang this fabric was cute stuff and I wanted a quick and satisfying sewing project under my belt, dangnabbit.

View from the back. Totes presh, amirite?

In the end, they turned out pretty cute, no matter what they end up being used (or not used?) for. I was planning on giving one to my lovely friend Alyson, who just had a baby girl in early June, but I fear it might even be too small for a several-week-old baby. Hilarious misadventures in sewing for the fail! (In my defense, the blog post I was referencing did not mention anywhere that it was for a doll… unless you read some of the comments. Which I did not do before attempting this, clearly.)

The lovely Manuel, modeling his dress. It fits him because he’s about half the size of a real baby!

On the bright side, I’ve got plenty of both fabrics left over if I feel so compelled as to try again, adjusting the size to be bigger. Do you love the flower pattern? Fun fact: It’s from a vintage thrifted pillowcase! Look at me, all thrifty and vintage-loving. You’d swear I was much cooler than I actually am.

Better luck next time, self.

One thought on “Hilarious misadventures in sewing random stuff from the internet

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