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Slow cooker success: Pasta fagioli


Slow cooker, you done me wrong in the past, but today you made it right again. (For reference, since getting this crockpot at Christmas, we’ve made at least two or three meals with it that were decidedly boring and/or inedible).

Today, in an effort to stock up my freezer with something hearty and microwave-able for the post-baby grog fog, I tried this pasta fagioli recipe from A Year of SlowCooking (after reading that it had many “likes” on Facebook), and I was very pleased with the result. It’s really tasty!  It’s more or less a minestrone soup, but with some meat and a bit of a zip (thanks to Tabasco sauce)!  Husband and I approve. I have to say, thank goodness we do — did you notice how my crockpot is nearly overflowing with soup?  The logistics of portioning and freezing this big pot of awesome will be… interesting. (It’s still just sitting on my counter, cooling off, here… that’s how readily I jumped at the chance to blog about it.)

3 thoughts on “Slow cooker success: Pasta fagioli

  1. Saved the recipe!
    Do you have any leftover yogurt containers? We usually figure out how many scoops a portion is and put enough for 2 in one container, label and freeze.

    • We actually don’t eat yogurt, so no containers, no. We have a crapton of tupperware, but it’s in pretty regular use with our nightly leftovers. I ended up cooling the soup off decently and putting it in two big Ziploc freezer bags (4 portions each, so we can thaw out dinner + next day’s lunch) so it would take up less space in the freezer and not hijack our tupperware. It worked 🙂

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