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Easy prefold belt

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Remember scrunchies? Yeah, this is just a bigger one (the size of a baby’s waist) that holds a prefold diaper in place in a very easy-to-remove fashion. This makes quick trips to the toilet a cinch, since the diaper can be whipped off in a hurry in order to practice elimination communication (I’ve also blogged about EC before). Check out one happy belt-wearer in “action” on the product listing from continuum-family.com!

I followed the general instructions from Noonee Wilga and literally made this in ten minutes. I cut a 3″ wide piece of polar fleece, about 20″ long. Then I cut a piece of 1/2″ elastic about 13″ long. I serged the polar fleece piece together in a tube and turned it inside out. Then I fed the elastic through using a good old fashioned safety pin (so I could feel the end I was guiding through), sewed the elastic ends together, then sewed the fleece ends shut. Done!

It doesn’t look like much, but then again, as baby accessories go, function wins over fashion sometimes.

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