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Pillowcase dress for a new little friend

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My lovely friend A had her baby girl, Z, in early June, and I decided to head straight into On The Ball mode and make her daughter a shower gift (she was having a post-birth shower so we had the advent of knowing the gender). So I made her this pillowcase dress from that same vintage pillowcase I’d used for the baby doll smock misadventure. It’s the same Prudent Baby pattern that I used to make my original (and still lovely, though not from an actual pillowcase) baby dress. Which, since I had a boy —

INTERJECTION!!  I haven’t mentioned the baby on here yet!  We had our lovely baby boy, A, at home on July 24th. He is perfect and the chubbiest. We are so in love. He is 9 weeks old now and can lift his head like it’s nobody’s business. He rolled over just the other day. He is about 15 pounds already. He is wonderful. Interjection over.

— since I had a boy, I will be saving in my stash of girly clothes for a potential future daughter. I can’t part with it just yet.

Forgive the lack of ironing in the above photo. I had to snatch it back from my friend A after giving it to her in order to snap this shot of it on her living room floor when I went to visit. I was not feeling bloggily inclined as I finished off this project and I hastily wrapped it up, proud of my impressive On The Ballness, having put together a complete gift (with a card and everything) ready for her shower well in advance. Like, the day before. That’s well in advance for me anyway. I was On The Ball! Also, I had a newborn myself, so really, to have sewn anything was pretty good form.

One thought on “Pillowcase dress for a new little friend

  1. What perfect fabric for that pillowcase dress! And you rock for making a gift with a newborn of your own at home! Congrats on your new baby 🙂

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