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“Quilted” puddle pads


As we are practicing Elimination Communication with our son, A, we have a definite need for waterproof underpads in this house. I had inherited an old waterproof crib mattress cover from a friend of ours, and as we don’t (yet) have a crib, I was unsure what to do with it. Turns out it had all the perfect parts for me to hack it to pieces and make a couple waterproof playmats or “puddle pads” for A! Check them out:

Here’s how I hacked these together. Keep in mind I’ve got an infant. He cries. Crafting time is severely compromised these days.

I cut the component pieces of the mattress cover apart. There was a waterproof plasticky-type backing and a quilted cotton top (thin cotton top layer + batting). The mattress cover was long enough to give me two roughly square (but not quite square) puddle pads when cut in half.

Using my rough square pieces, I measured and cut the same size from my chosen fabric.

I quasi-quilted the fabric to the batting layer only, to make sure the fabric stayed more or less flat, especially during many anticipated laundry cycles. For this step I just set my machine to a wide/long zig-zag and stitched in diagonal lines.

You can see the “quilting” on both sides here.

Then as a goofy addition, I appliquéd this little lion to the corner using a shorter (but still wide) zig-zag stitch around its edges. I totally improvised this.

Close-up of the appliqué.

Then I serged both the quilted piece and the waterproof piece together, to hold it all in place while finishing the edges.

I then applied bias tape to the edges. Poorly. I’m actually embarrassed with the crap quality of my work on the bias tape edge. I have yet to master applying it well, probably because I insist on machine-stitching the entire thing out of laziness.  Also, I always rush and always kind of hate the result. But in this case, these were going to get peed on. I wasn’t too picky about the end product. Plus, the baby was crying… But I digress. They turned out okay overall!

Here is the finished mat!

… and the other one, too.

These puddle pads have come in so handy for giving A diaper-free time, and we also routinely put one under his tiny potty. He recently developed the ability to pee sideways and vertically upwards (I wish I was exaggerating), so we have more out-of-potty accidents than we used to. It seems I made these mats just in time!

9 thoughts on ““Quilted” puddle pads

  1. These are great. I didn’t know you had a serger! I’m thinking I’m going to sell our crib and crib mattress at some point. I doubt Felicity will ever go in it!

  2. Those are really fantastic! I think the “hack and slash” job you did is part of their charm.

  3. These are great! I wish I had tried EC with my son right from the beginning, but I was just so overwhelmed by the crash course in new motherhood at the time. These are very cute and will do the job just fine!

  4. jana! you’re such a crafty girl!! so great to see you tonight!

  5. Hi! I nominated you for the Tell Me About Yourself Award. Stop on by to pick up the button 🙂

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  7. Wonderrrrrr?????? Might these be good for dog accidents also? Maybe add a little more plastic material…..those doggie pads can add up. You can wash these. Just wondering…

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