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Rae scarf


The leaves are falling and there is a chill in the air.

Also, one of my favourite knitting designers, Jane Richmond, was having a knit-along (KAL) over at her Ravelry Group, and I got to feeling the joining vibe.

I mashed these two things together and knit up her lovely pattern, Rae, in a lovely spicy brown fall-ish colourway called Butternut Squash by Yummy Yarn Studio.

Behold the product of my furiously knitting over 2+ weeks in order to meet the KAL deadline! (I cast on October 28 and finished November 14, one day before the deadline!)

I joined this KAL shortly after introducing myself to Jane’s group, and perhaps too quickly (as far as first impressions are concerned) compared the colour of this yarn to poo. Everyone reassured me that it was instead a beautiful yarn with lovely fall hues, and that I should have no worries in knitting it up. (I think I’ve been spending too much alone time with Señor Baby. Clearly poo is on the brain. But thankfully not literally.)

Happily, no one was horrified that the new girl was talking about “bathroom words” (as my preschool teachers called them), and some of the ladies local to me were even so kind as to invite me along to their weekly knit night! So I’ve been knitting for ONE WHOLE HOUR (remember, I just had a baby) on Saturday nights with some lovely new pals, including Jane herself, Shannon of luvinthemommyhood, Rebecca of Nook, and several other gals without blogs or whose blogs I have yet to discover! And man, they are all so dang nice. For reals. I feel lucky to have met new friends. In my twenties! Despite baby brain fog! Back pats for me.

I’m really loving this scarf. The pattern is beautifully simple, and the fancypants yarn I chose is soft and luxurious. WIN WIN.

5 thoughts on “Rae scarf

  1. You look so chic and awesome!! (i miss you)

    Great job on the scarf!

  2. wait a second…HOW Long ago did you give birth!?

    Also that is very lovely, you are amazing!

  3. aww we love that you come and knit with us! i seriously love your rae. it’s so beautiful!!! not poo-like at all. xo

  4. Jana, you are a stunner! And so is the scarf!

  5. Just found your blog today, I’m a quick one 🙂 So happy to have you join us Jana!

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