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Stocking for the baby


Here’s a festive post for you. I sewed a Christmas stocking for little A the other day on a whim! A whim? I’d almost forgotten what doing anything on a whim was like since A was born… but thankfully my husband was around to take over baby duty for about an hour so I could expend some crafty energy and get A’s stocking happening. It’s his first Christmas, after all, and he needed to claim his spot up on the mantle with the rest of us (heck, even the stupid cat has her own stocking).

Didn’t have time to do a tutorial or even photograph my process, but I basically made this sucker up as I went. I traced my own stocking and cut 4 pieces of white flannelette and 2 pieces of the snowflake fabric. I essentially used the flannelette as batting (since I had none) to give it a bit of structure. The rest was winged (wung?) and turned out pretty alright!  I wrote A’s name on the top white part of the stocking (not pictured) using black fabric paint (because this mama don’t got no time for any of those fancy shenanigans like embroidery).

Ta da! I expect that’ll be all from me until after Christmas (which is in… 6 days. GASP!), so… Happy Holidays, folks!

4 thoughts on “Stocking for the baby

  1. aw that’s just lovely!

  2. What a cute stocking! It’ll look classy forever 🙂

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