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Honey Cowl


Now that Christmas is over, I can post about more of the crafty gifts I gave! There weren’t many, as I have that baby and all to reckon with, but this one was my favourite. It was a gift for my mum. And much to my delight, she ended up loving it.

There is a part of me that always worries about giving something I’ve hand-made. Will the recipient like it? Will he/she use it? (And, commonly, if it’s knitting:) Will it itch and therefore be the worst gift evar?

But she liked it. Hooray!

The pattern is the Honey Cowl by Madelinetosh. A lovely, simple, slip-stitch honeycomb. It was easily memorized and pretty impossible to lose my spot. I think those are two pretty important knitting pattern features for a zombie-brained new mum. My only gripe was that it took an age to knit. I thought my fingers might fall off near the home stretch, there, but I did it. I got it finished with just a couple of days to spare before Christmas. Win!


It was such a labour of love, that once it was done, I was a bit sad to part with it!  And it was so very very soft, too. And squishy. I’d make another for myself, but… remember the part where I griped about how long it took to knit? Yes. Yes you do.

Oh well. I have these photos to remind me. And a pleased, slightly-warmer-than-before mum who happily sported the thing all Christmas day (and the day after). That makes me smile.


2 thoughts on “Honey Cowl

  1. This scarf is awesome, I don’t knit as you know so I don’t know much about yarn and what not but this seems to have a very delicate texture? Is this a special kind of yarn?

    • Not really, it’s Berroco Vintage DK. The stitch I used it what makes it look delicate, I think. It’s a honeycomb stitch where every other stitch is slipped (not knit), so it’s got a springy, light kind of feel because of that. If you ever do take up knitting (which I highly recommend), here’s the pattern. It’s super easy! 🙂

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