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Skin brightening toner

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It was a Christmas miracle. My dear pal, Anya, was my randomly-chosen Secret Santa gift recipient for the second year in a row, guys. The powers that be were like, “Jana, one year is insufficient! You must get Anya another secret gift!” and I was like “okay!”

Thankfully, Anya is just about the most easygoing person I know, and she loves all kinds of stuff (and has a nicely organized Pinterest account, to boot), so she’s a pretty sweet name to draw for a gift exchange like this.

Some may remember that I used my knitting powers to craft up Anya’s Secret Santa Surprise Scarf last year.

This year, while I didn’t knit for her gift, I did make part of it! I mixed up a batch of Shwin & Shwin‘s lemony Skin Brightening Toner, which Anya had helpfully pinned (so I knew she’d like it). I even made my own label for the bottle, using the image from the original blog post. Though I realized that I spoiled the “secret” component of the gift exchange by printing my name on the label. I forgot that our group of friends typically open our gifts and then try to guess who gave it… oh well! Mama brain strikes again? How long can I go on claiming that?

Unfortunately, baby A was not coping so well at our Christmas party, so my husband and I had to take him home early. This meant that we missed out on the big gift exchange portion of the evening, and so I didn’t get to see Anya’s reaction live and in person! Lame!

Possibly less lame is the rest of Anya’s gift. I paired the toner with two terribly cheesy (and trashy!) thrifted romance novels (which I really hope she loved, because one of them was all about chasing rainbows and the cover was even rainbow-coloured and full of clichés about how rainbows are so hard to catch… seriously amazing) and two jars of dark chocolate sauce that I hope she drank straight from the jar drizzled on something divine immediately.

Merry Christmas, Anya!

One thought on “Skin brightening toner

  1. Loved it all, Jana!! Thank you 🙂

    Also, I outdid you on the secret santa reveal – I wrote Elise a card and signed it… hehe…

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