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Shannon cowl


So, for my last installment of “check out this shiz I made for Christmas!” (which should really stop now, since it’s January and all), I present to you the Shannon cowl I knit up for my dad’s girlfriend. The pattern is one of Jane Richmond‘s recent releases and knits up so fast, you want to make a billion of them. Thank you super-bulky yarn and giant needles. The perfect Christmas craft for the frazzled knitter.

This is kind of a neat one for me because I recently joined up with Jane and her knitty pals at their weekly knit night. One of the other die-hard knit night members there is Shannon from luvinthemommyhood, after whom this lovely cowl pattern is named! So I know both the designer and the namesake of this cowl pattern — how cool is that? Fairly, I’d say.

This project was neat (do the kids still say ‘neat’ these days?) for another reason: I successfully knit cables for the first time ever! Very exciting. And given how simple this pattern is (along with the huge yarn/needle situation), it was the perfect way to learn how. I don’t know why I’d been putting off learning cabling for so long. It only looks fancy — it’s actually very easy to do! So well done, self, for learning a new skill. Back pats for me.

Here is another shot of me wearing the cowl before I sent it off in the mail. I think the cowl’s rich red wine colour is a bit truer in this picture, though I still manage to resemble an albino giraffe.

Well, with that I’m officially embracing the new year. Hello 2012!

5 thoughts on “Shannon cowl

  1. Nice work! It’s fun to learn something new that you’d been putting off.. and isn’t it so often the case that it’s a million times easier than you’d thought?

  2. love it! it looks great! and i loooove that colour. xo

  3. You do not look like a giraffe….lol…you have a lovely and graceful neck 🙂 It looks great and I love that color! We are super glad to have gotten to meet you too! Here’s to a fun 2012!

  4. Thank you. I wanted to share gratitude with my class but was unsure where to begin. These will really halo get the conversation going.

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