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Pixie boy


“Squashie”: knitting model extraordinaire

Time-travel with me, will you?  The year was 2011…

When I was still all kinds of pregnant last summer, my pregnant Ravelry pals organized a secret swap. We’d put together a fun care package for a randomly-drawn fellow preggo that had something in it for the mama and the baby-to-be. The package I sent was to my friend, C, who was expecting her eighth (yes, you read that correctly) baby. (Seventh boy, to boot!) I included a bunch of fun stuff for her (some local honey, some wool roving, some earrings, a silly kid’s book, etc), but the item I made myself was this goofy/adorable (goofdorable?) blue pixie hat.

This is the second time I’d knit the Stella Pixie Hat, and I love how this one turned out. This time, as a more experienced knitter, I had wised up enough to know that I should follow the recommended needle size/yarn weight/gauge written in the pattern. And lo and behold, it actually turned out… (gasp!) to be baby-sized. Success! (My last one was big enough to fit my own head… but oh well, a giant toddler bean will do it justice in the future, I’m sure.)

Baby J: much more lifelike

And doesn’t it look great on her little boy? Back when he was a newborn (when this picture was taken — if you look closely you can even see his little newborn peely hands!), he had the perfect squishy old man face to make him look like a garden gnome in it. Now, he was born in the summer, in the southern US, so it wasn’t exactly seasonally-appropriate back then, but hopefully it’s getting some wear this winter now that things have cooled off. Thankfully, it’s super stretchy so will last him a while.

Enjoy your hat, baby J!

2 thoughts on “Pixie boy

  1. He’s beautiful…and 7 boys! Holy mother of god, King Henry VIII is rolling over in his grave from sheer JEALOUSY.

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