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Flexible knitting stitch markers


I’ve been knitting for over two years now, and have until recently been using little scraps of yarn and string as my stitch markers. I’ve tried to use the fancy stitch markers before, but have found that the rigid metal/plastic rings or loops ended up causing a ladder of loose stitches in my work. I’m a pretty tight knitter, so I really need something flexible to avoid this.

One of the lovely knit night ladies, Amy of Family Feedbag, was making some stitch markers a few weeks back using the typical metal rings. She got me thinking about how I could make my own, and I figured out a scheme to keep them flexible. I bought some cotton cord and some of those little metal clampy things that you usually use for attaching fasteners to necklaces and bracelets. Yes, clampy things. You can tell my jewelry-making experience is vast, right?

I cut a short length of cord, formed a loop, and clamped the ends into the clampy things using needle-nosed pliers. Then I attached some little shell beads that I’ve had in my bead stash for approximately 3 billion years. The beads naturally varied in colour, so I was able to make a set of five markers with one being darker than the rest. This would be useful if, say, one needed to mark the start of a round as well as other key points in the work (e.g., raglan increases).

So voilà! I now have some pretty stitch markers that are sufficiently mushable that they won’t screw up my knitting. Well, they’re an improvement over scrap yarn and string, anyway! Thanks to Amy for the inspiration! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Flexible knitting stitch markers

  1. Love it! I have been using paper clips… so you’re way ahead of me.

    • Ha! Nice. Though I would think paperclips would be snag-a-rrific. String was a good bet, since it didn’t fuzz up like yarn did. If you have string, make it happen!!

  2. Nicely done! You should sell these for those of us with even less jewelry-making experience than you!

  3. What a neat idea! I have some pretty stitch markers which have been gifted to me over the years, but I don’t like using them for the same reason as you.

  4. Um, were you there that night or did you just totally read my mind! I am the same with my stitch markers, they have to be flexible. My faves right now are on flexible metal wire but ever since spotting some made with silk rope online I have been dreaming of markers just like the ones you made! Super duper jealous 🙂

    • I wasn’t there! Or if I was, I totally missed this conversation. I had thought about using silk cording but worried it might be too finicky to deal with or might slide out of the clampy thing. Maybe it’s worth a try though! They’d look prettier, for sure. I will probably make more, so will keep you in mind if you don’t mind being on the receiving end of my experimentation 🙂

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