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Triangle bunting


So remember my Christmas stocking? I hung it and the rest of our stockings up on our mantle for the first time ever. Like, I got myself a hammer and nails and did them up right. Then Christmas was over, and I had stupid ugly nails sticking out of my mantle.

What would a normal person do in this situation? Remove the nails and patch the holes, probably. Or leave them and wait until next Christmas.

But a crafty person? A crafty person’s twisted brain would say “Lo! An opportunity to make a pretty thing dost shine on me here!” and would get busy making said pretty thing. So that’s what I did. I was especially glad to take this on since our mantle/”fire”place (electric joke that it is) was pretty snoresville and plain plain plain before. Needed a little something.

I gathered up a bunch of fabric bits that I figured would generally ‘go’ together in that cool “who knew those would ‘go’ together, but they do!” kind of way. I cut them into diamond shapes that would be folded in half to create triangles. I sewed up the edges and turned them inside out and topstitched in matching burgundy thread, then strung them on some string and hung that baby UP.

Some of this fabric has made an appearance here on the blarg before. The green paisley, if you recall, was leftover from the first pillowcase dress I made, and some of that burgundy/yellowy striped stuff made a ring sling a while back, too. I’m trying really hard to use up some of my fabric stash and it is slow going, friends! But a noble endeavour, as I would like to make some room for, you know, that kid I just had.

So there it is. It hides the nails rather well, doesn’t it? And we can leave it up until next Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Triangle bunting

  1. i love it! you talented thing, you. xo

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