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Stitch markers, reloaded

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Large (Rainbow) stitch markers

Well, I’ve gotten a little stitch-marker-happy these last couple of weeks. I’ve upped my game a bit and invested in some satin cording to make these puppies look a bit more professional than my first set did. It’s been fun refining my technique as I’ve been putting these sets together, and I’m getting faster and more skilled when making them. I also invested in a set of round-nose pliers recently and they’ve helped immensely. Way better than regular needle-nose pliers. Who knew!?

I’ve made most of these while squinting in the dim light over my dining room table after the baby’s asleep for the night. That, or if he’s awake, I’ve poked and prodded at them in a very piecemeal fashion over the course of several hours, hoping my cat won’t try to eat them while I’m distracted with the baby. Multitasking: I has it!

Here’s a gander at the result of my efforts:

Medium (Blue/Green) stitch markers

Medium (Purple/Burgundy) stitch markers

Large (Green/Blue) stitch markers

Large (Rainbow) stitch markers

Medium (Burgundy/Purple) stitch markers

Small (Rainbow) stitch markers

Medium (Yellow/Orange) stitch markers

Small (Orange/Turquoise) stitch markers

Large (Rainbow) stitch markers

So what’s even more fun? Finally, after much wringing of hands, I decided to set up shop and sell these puppies on Etsy! That’s right, astitchinlime has now got a virtual storefront! This is a big step for me and, I’ll admit, it overwhelmed me pretty instantaneously. But I did it, and even if no one buys a single thing from my shop, I really have had fun setting it all up and making (and photographing!) the stitch markers.

I plan on expanding the shop to sell other items sometime in the future, but for now these stitch markers are a small, achievable craft and I can get my head around making several sets. And I feel comfortable selling them since they’re entirely my own creation — I didn’t use a tutorial or pattern to make them (unlike the vast majority of my knitting, for example), so I have no copyright anxiety or morally grey feelings about selling them, and can just enjoy giving it a whirl.

Come check out astitchinlime on Etsy, and let me know what you think!

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