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Going postal

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My mama friends on Ravelry organized another swap this spring, and I sent a couple of handmade goodies off as a part of my package destined for Emily (and her daughter, M) in Connecticut. Wanna see?

Goodie the first:

A hand-sewn (and more or less improvised) sock project bag with a divider to separate working yarn. Emily knits two socks at a time, like a boss, so needs to keep her two balls of yarn from tangling up. She mentioned she could use something like this, and I figured I could make it happen for her. I loosely based the bag’s construction on the hobo bag I sewed ages ago from Lula Louise’s shoulder bag tutorial, but had to figure out how to incorporate a divider between the two halves. Let me tell you: I am not very spatially adept. This required many inside-out and upside-down steps that hurt my brain. But it basically turned out well! Pretty proud of myself for not accidentally sewing the wrong side of the fabric to the outside. Or to my own hand. (Just kidding. Or am I? I’m pretty tired these days…)

Goodie the second:

My son, A, modeling M’s red ears hat. The hat was hard to part with after this display of cuteness!

A hand-knit baby hat for her daughter, M. The pattern is called All Ears, and is available for free on Ravelry. The hat is very simple and fast to knit, and would make a great baby gift for any expecting/new mama. Or any older baby. Or maybe with some adjustments, any adult. Anyway, I just so happen to have the perfect yarn leftover from a recent project to make another one for A to keep! It’s fate, right? Fate.

I mean come on.

Goodie the third:

A set of small stitch markers, that I (HEADSLAP!) did not get a photo of before sending off!  Whaaaaat? But it’s okay. They kinda looked like this:

Except not. They had blue loops and four had blue beads with the one contrast marker sporting a fuchsia bead. So kind of the inverse colour scheme of this set? You can use your imagination. You will have to! So there.

The rest of the loot:

In the un-hand-made camp, I also sent Emily some tea, lip balm, two books, pacifiers, a silly badge, a baby music CD, some sock yarn, two pairs of BabyLegs legwarmers, and chocolates. Here’s a shot of the stash she took when she opened it:

And here are some pictures of her daughter, M, enjoying her goodies:

Nom nom nom!

And nom some more!

I had so much fun putting her package together and including fun items for both mama and babe. I got so wrapped up in getting it all together that I kept forgetting that I’m also expecting a package someday very soon! I can’t wait to see what my swap partner has cooked up for me. I already feel spoiled just thinking of the mystery goodies coming my way.

One thought on “Going postal

  1. I didn’t read most of this post because the pictures of A were so cute they stole my attention.

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