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No-sew t-shirt scarf

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I’ve had a gigantic pile of fabric ‘rescues’ sitting in my craft room for ages. Several of hubby’s old t-shirts, torn jeans, a couple pyjama pants that I will never get around to mending, old pillowcases, and sweaters that have been half hacked apart. So I decided to do something useful with one of those items. Behold! A t-shirt turned into a scarf with only the magic of scissors.

I used an easy peasy tutorial from Margo is Crafty and had this sucker done in five minutes. It’s really, really dead easy. While I hacked away at this old shirt, my son puttered around on the floor and I… also puttered around on the floor. But you know, puttered with a mission. Puttered with scissors and a dream.

This scarf is the perfect accessory for a mama who constantly has a Crazy Baby pawing at her face/neck/chest at all times, and/or poking at and fiddling with something (anything!) while he nurses. He can pull on the strands, put them in his mouth, yank them out of shape, drool all over the thing, and it still works. And I can easily throw it in the wash. Win.

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