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My mother-in-law is often passing things on to me that she can’t use. Happily, since she’s also a knitter, this means that sometimes yummy bits of yarn come my way out of the blue! I know, seriously, I’m a lucky gal. So here’s what I did with some of her leftovers. This hat was knit up out of many little odds and ends of Noro Furin that she had leftover from a project. And there literally were about 6 or 7 separate bits of it, some of them tiny balls that only had enough yardage to cover about a row or two! But I hacked ’em all together, I did. Thankfully, the Noro is such a chunky/wonky/multicoloured yarn that my knots just blend right in. And they’re not even big knots to begin with, since I am forever hooked on Jane Richmond‘s magical, nearly-invisible knot for joining yarn. Seriously, you need to check thisout, folks. It will change your (knitting) life!

Right, the hat. The pattern is called Capucine by Adela Illichmanova. It’s basically constructed like a bonnet, but then you add some fun fluff like pom-poms and tassels to make it less Little House on the Prairie and more hipster whimsy. Check it:

As I was rapidly running out of my Noro bits, I padded out the pom-pom and tassels with some leftover white Bernat Baby Coordinates Chunky (that I had hanging about ever since I knit my second Bazan shrug). My only complaint with the giant pom-pom would be that it’s rather heavy and weighs the hat down a bit. Since the hat sort of just sits on your head rather than hanging on via any kind of ribbing/elasticized part, the heavy pom-pom slowly pulls it back and down off my head. But only a bit. I may cut the pom-pom down, even though I enjoy its oversizedness, to make the hat more wearable. We’ll see.

Truthfully, this hat is a bit on the funky side for me, so I think I’ll need to be in the right mood to sport it out and about. But is is pretty fun, and I love the colours. I enjoyed knitting it, too! I followed Hoppipolla’s modifications to the pattern to accommodate this yarn, and thankfully the sizing worked out perfectly (the hat apparently runs small even with the correct yarn, so I had my doubts). It was pretty quick and satisfying. Must be why I enjoy knitting hats so much, even though I’m starting to collect a hat graveyard in my front hall closet… hats that are enthusiastically knit and then only rarely worn. What the heck, me? Gotta stop doing that.

Maybe this fun and funky number will get me outta my hat-wearing slump.

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