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Tops, Tanks and Tees KAL

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Folks, it’s KAL time again. Luvinthemommyhood is hosting another wonderful knit-along (KAL) called the “Tops, Tanks and Tees KAL” and I am all. over. that. Reason being is that I’ve got a lovely tank I’m working on and this is just the push I need to get’er done. My tank’s name is Liesl. She is very pretty. And she is only about 30% done! See see?

Okay, this is quite possibly the worst ‘in progress’ photo of all time, but you get the idea. Liesl is knit from the bottom-up and I’ve gotten to a point where I’m just past the pockets and headed North. As I’m ever so slowly decreasing my number of stitches, I’m hopeful that it will start to knit up a wee bit faster and I might have a hope in hell of getting it done for the May 23rd KAL deadline. Right. Because my costar in this photo will totally let me just sit on my ass and knit for hours. Uh huh. I should probably be knitting right now…

Anyway. Here’s another terrible photo for your eyeballs.

My cast-on edge is totally loose and wonky, but my hope is that blocking will set that right. It damn well better. I’m knitting this up in Katia Linen and I think it’ll make a really nice airy summer top. One more motivator to get it done before summer comes and goes.

Here’s an extra fun fact about this KAL: I’m one of the sponsors! That means I’m donating some of my crafty wares to be used as prizes for the approximately three bozillion folks participating in the KAL (okay, it only feels like that many because of all the Chatty Cathies on the luvinthemommyhood Ravelry group who are simply amazing and talented and impossible to keep track of being that they post almost nonstop). But I won’t spoil the prize surprise since Shannon hasn’t announced them yet. I’ll let her do the honours near the end of the KAL. But how cool is that? I feel like a proper internet crafter type being included in the KAL in this way. I was so honoured when Shannon asked me to sponsor the KAL and I’m super excited for the big prize draw at the end! Won’t you come join us and get a chance to win some cool swag in the meantime? There’s still time!


Jooooiiiiiin usssssssss…

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