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Things I’ve knit lately


Hey! I’m alive. Lots has happened in the last few months. I forget if I even blogged that I was pregnant again, but I was, and then we found out we were having twins (!) and then we had the twins, and now the twins are 15 weeks old and heyo, who’s got time for anything anymore? Not this gal.

But somewhere in there I knit some things. Yes, I did. I managed to figure out how to tandem nurse (using a giant supportive twin-sized nursing pillow) which left me hands-free to finish off a few things I had started ages back.

So for posterity’s sake, here are the projects I’ve finished within the last 6 months or whatever ungodly amount of time has passed since my last post.

First is a beautiful jade-green scarf using my beautiful friend Jane Richmond‘s pattern, Rae. I ended up gifting this to my dear friend, S, whose mother recently passed away. I hope it is keeping her cozy and bringing her comfort right now. I can’t think of a better recipient. (Love to you, S!)


Next is a pair of split-crotch baby pants for one of our babies (remember, I thought there was just one in there for a while!) — these were the second pair I’ve knit from this pattern and they were fairly quick again. I intended to use these to practice elimination communication with our little ones — something we have been doing but only in a part-time sense since we have two babies to potty and communicate with. It’s quite an undertaking with just one kid so we’re being easy on ourselves about it this time around.


Then one of my knitting friends (the lovely Mandy from Sugar and Candy) was expecting a baby and I knit this square up to contribute to a baby blanket that a bunch of us collaborated on. I kind of improvised this design but it was based on the Herringbone Stitch Pillow pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.


Now perhaps a square is not the most exciting project on its own, but here, I will up the awesome factor by showing you the finished blanket (bonus: adorable newborn!). Can you spot my square?

Moving along. Next is another great pattern by Jane Richmond, the Renfrew hat. This pattern comes from her beautiful book, ISLAND, which contains patterns inspired by the geography of Vancouver Island, where we live. It’s stunningly photographed by her brother, Nicholas Kupiak. Get a copy. Just do it. (And while you’re at it, get her latest book, co-authored by Shannon Cook, JOURNEY.)

Back to my little hat though? I knit it with a multi-coloured colourway of Red Heart and I was pleasantly surprised with the result! It’s super wearable because it basically goes with anything, and while it’s not super soft, it’s not the least bit scratchy on my head, which I so appreciate. (Sidebar: wool and I wish we were better friends.)


Then I remembered that I have pretty much an entire large Rubbermaid tub full of yarn and no time to knit. So I tried to think up a quick project that would get rid of scraps. My friend Rebecca Gunderson of Nook recently (read: in December) released a pattern for a vintage baby bonnet that would fit a newborn. Having two newborns around and plenty of scraps of Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in my bin, I set to work on using up some of that noise. Unfortunately my girls’ heads were slightly too robust for the tiny bonnet so I don’t have any live-model photos to share. But the stash-busting (scrap-busting?) was so perfect. Such a quick little project as well. I may make another and pass them on to someone expecting a girl.


And it being winter time, the weather was cold and I noticed my toddler loved leaving the house with far too little warm clothing on. I asked him if he’d wear a scarf if I made him one, and he said yes (lies!) so I set about yet another project to use up scraps. This scarf was totally improvised and was a perfect way to use up little bits and bobs of Patons Decor yarn I had left over from previous projects. And then of course he put it on once and immediately wanted it off and has never agreed to wear it since. Toddlers.


Which brings me to the most exciting part of my post, which is the project I am most proud to have completed in recent months: my Classic Raglan Pullover! Again, this one is designed by the very talented Jane Richmond. It took me, oh… a year and a half to finish this. I originally cast on to be a part of Shannon‘s Summer Sweater KAL back in the summer of 2012. Then I got severely distracted. Probably by my son. But it lasted a long time and I lost my knitting mojo. Then I had to extend both the sleeves and the body to fit my very tall self and that required a bit of unripping and doing bits over. I don’t love doing bits over, I have to say. So for a while I was in a fight with this sweater and we were not on speaking terms. But after my girls were born in December, and I mastered the aforementioned knitting-while-nursing, I finished up the last inch or two of this baby and I’m so pleased with how it turned out! I had to add 2 full inches to the body and it’s still juuuust long enough.


So there you have it! A cheater’s review-style post full of all my recent (and I am using that term very loosely) finished projects. Phew! Now I’ve earned another six month blogging break, right? My life is so hard.

2 thoughts on “Things I’ve knit lately

  1. I will take a blog post whenever they come! Especially when they are packed with amazingness you’ve created. I really like the colors of your son’s scarf. I’m sure my kid would appreciate it just as much as your’s did – it was worth you making it for three-five wears, right 😉

  2. amazing work! man, i totally envy your knitabilities!!

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